April Showers Bring May flowers – Like Magic!


Finally Spring has Sprung and so has the Real Estate Market!

Walking around the neighbourhood I have seen crocus peeking out of the ground the start of some tulips and other early spring bloomers! I have also noticed so many of my neighbours out and about enjoying the change! The weather isn’t the only change right now, many people are thinking of change in another way. Changing their address.

This is the time when the market explodes with new listings and buyers have a lot to choose from. How do you get your house notice in a sea of For Sale signs? Clean, clean everything! A clean house always shows so much better! If you want to sell your house quick and for the best price I’ll give you some pointers to get an edge over your competition:

Curb appeal is very important!

First impressions are lasting and only happen once. When a buyer shows up the first thing they notice is how the house presents itself. Neglect or pride? A house that is a mess or in disrepair on the outside usually reflects on what you will find on the inside. You won’t sell your home if the prospective buyers want to just drive away! Don’t let your house be passed over!

What comes next?

Once a prospective buyer is done appreciating the curb appeal they will approach your front door and ring the door bell, be sure it is in working order. If it’s broken or not working, it’s a fast mark against your home. Once inside, smell is very important. Please make sure you get your carpets cleaned before listing your home. No carpets? Great be sure to mop before each showing, allowing for dry time! This will create a clean starting point every time! It’s important to have a pleasing and inviting scent upon entry. Do not use plug in air fresheners that are overbearing too much scent can come across like you’re hiding something. If you have cats, be sure to clean the litter just before the scheduled showing. For dog smell spray your couch or drapes with a neutral fabric refresher spray.

It’s always better in the light!

Clean your windows inside and out. Check for mildew it is disgusting leaves a negative impression.  Change any broken light fixtures and change any burnt out light bulbs.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms in the house!

Clean every surface until it sparkles! You don’t like dirty kitchens and bathrooms, neither do potential buyers. Do not leave out dishes clean or dirty. Empty your dishwasher – they will open it. Clear off your counter tops. Even bake some cookies or bread the morning of your showing, everyone loves the smell of fresh baked goods!

Finally, declutter.

It really does make a difference to both you and the potential buyer. You’re selling your house not your belongings. You’re going to have to pack them anyway so get a jump start on it and prepack! The less “stuff” the bigger your room will feel. Remember, buyers are trying to see themselves and their furniture in there as their new space. If it is too crowded and difficult to navigate, it will distract them from seeing it as there space and will move on. So if you have been thinking of selling, now is the perfect time!

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