Crown Moulding Adds Elegance

With a minimal investment of money and time, crown moulding will not only add elegance and flair to a room but can offer the potential for financial reward in the resale market. Crown moulding presents an immediate visual impact and will distinguish your property from others.

There are many good reasons for installing crown moulding in your home. Whether your intent is to increase the value of your home, to show your own unique sense of style, or in some instances just to reduce finishing costs. Crown moulding offers you the opportunity to design and create the home you have always imagined. It is a product that can be utilized in different rooms for decorative purposes at the joint of the wall and the ceiling, above cabinets or on various types of furniture, or in some cases may be utilized to hide electrical wires or flaws in your wall and ceiling.

Crown moulding is quite affordable and there is a style to suit just about every taste and budget. There are many decorative designs that can be used to change the character and entire look of a room making it look unique and adding that personal touch highlighting the special care that has gone into your home. While the common practice may be to use one of the many standard sizes and designs are available, you can develop and design your own built-up profile for that custom look as there is no rule against mixing and matching. Also, the use of crown moulding in a combination with a variety of other moulding profiles will upgrade the overall appearance of a room. When the installation is complete and the profile painted, the separate pieces used will appear to be seamless.

Materials used for crown moulding vary dramatically and will affect the way it stands up to wear and tear. Generally, the lighter and cheaper materials tend to damage easily. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an inexpensive choice when compared with wood or plaster. The most expensive and detailed crown moulding material is plaster and if you decide on plaster it is probably best to hire a professional to complete your installation. Alternatively, if you decide to install crown moulding yourself, invest in at least a good power mitre saw. It is a fairly good practice to allow 10% to 15% for waste when estimating your total requirements. Finally, painting of crown moulding can provide extra character or interest to the already detailed surface. Consider the use of flat, semi-gloss or gloss paints to further enhance overall appearance.

Why not try adding crown moulding to your home. It may be just the feature that is missing from your home sweet home.

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