For Buyers

  • My purpose in Real Estate is to help people, without pressure, and ease the process of the transactions while treating you as number one.
  • At first we will discuss your wishes, needs and goals in your home buying strategy and have a review of what current properties in the market fit the criteria.
  • I can provide you with an overview on the neighbourhoods, types of buildings and factors that may affect values and future re-sales.
  • Please know that these services are free (Buyer Agent is compensated through the Listing Broker) and I can share with you an estimate of the costs to expect in buying a home.
  • I will be in touch immediately as listings become available and any unlisted properties that are made available.
  • As we tour selected homes, I will arrange for private showings so that you have the opportunity to tour the homes undisturbed.
  • The home you choose to move forward with we can assess value based on multiple criteria including similar homes/units in the same area/building have recently sold for.
  • The Offer and all related documents will be prepared and explained, when you are ready.
  • I will use my extensive business experience and negotiating expertise to ensure that your home is purchased at the best attainable price and terms during offer negotiations.
  • The purchase agreement will continue to be monitored and I will inform you of the progress of, including the ensurance of all goals met by all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction.

Did you know that investing in real estate is still one of the best proven growth investments? Send me a message today to get your investment strategy started.

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