Good money spent on a Home Inspector

When you buy a home it could be the most money you ever spend at one time. Its worth it, you have a place to call home. The investment that is being made should make you feel safe and secure. There is no easy way to see if everything in the home you are buying is in sound condition. This is what a Home Inspector will do for you.

A Home Inspector will assess your home in the detail you need to know the “bones” and “internal system” of your home.  It is recommended you go with the Home Inspector when he does the work as you will learn more about your home. They will provide you with a write up on anything that is not working the way it should, is past useful life, is unsafe and/or requires repairs.

The hiring of a Home Inspector is something to be carefully considered. You will want to insure they are trained, with a list of previous inspections and years of experience. There is no requirement for training and no license requirement (unless in British Columbia and Alberta). If one cannot be referred to you by someone you know, then ensure you ask for at least 3 references. You will be giving this Home Inspector a key role in your homes’ health condition, and you want to know the truth.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provides a pamphlet on “Hiring a Home Inspector” that you can request through

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