How to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

Purging is essential for keeping your home organized. “Purge”, does even the word scare you? What you are probably afraid of is making tough decisions about what stays and what goes. Let’s make it a little bit easier for you. The only things you will need are:

> bucket or garbage can lined with a garbage bag (use the bucket or the garbage can; so you don’t have to lift and hold the garbage bag each time you are placing something in it)

> recycle bin

> bin or box for things that will be donated, given away or consigned

Walk through every room of your home. That includes bathrooms, closets and a pantry. Your goal is to weed out any obvious garbage and things that, without any hard decision making, can be donated, given away, or consigned.

Don’t forget to look into drawers, utility and linen closets, and under bathroom and kitchen sinks. Make it part of your house cleaning routine, or schedule the walk-through at least once in every three months.

This “No-Brainer Purge” will feel liberating and maybe, just maybe, you will make some tough decisions along the way.

Blanka Smetana
Trained Professional Organizer
Owner of Tidy Corners and Office Evolution

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