Kids Korner: Maya’s Moving Experience (Age 6)

We have officially launched Kids Korner! Kids Korner features moving experiences written by kids for kids. May featured: Maya (Age 6) a great client of ours! Here is what she had to say:

How Did You Like Working With The Elaine Jones Team?

It was lots of fun, when we toured around the different houses and picking which room was for me! She is very kind, smart and funny. I really liked going to all her events – Fall at the Pumpkin Farm was cold but I ate lots of candy!!! Skating – I met Santa Clause and decorated a gingerbread man – he was delicious!!!

How Did You Feel About Moving?

I was sad when we were moving, I didn’t want to leave my stuff behind. Mommy & Daddy told me all my stuff was coming with me and it would be OK. I had to put all my stuff in boxes and mommy let me write the names on them. I was sad and missed all my friends, my room and my teachers. I didn’t think I would make any new friends or like my new school. My new teacher was awesome. My new school does music and yoga and it is fun. I am making friends and its better. My new house is better than my old house because I can play in the basement and have a HUGE backyard. Mommy & Daddy put up a trampoline which I didn’t have the room for before and I have a swingset. I got to pick the paint for my bedroom and its lime green, its awesome! Our new house has a pool and I learned how to swim with no water wings which made me happy. I still miss my old house sometimes and my old friends but I talk to mommy about it and sometimes we go visit them for their birthday.

Thank you so much for participating Maya & for being our first kid to do so! We loved hearing Maya’s story and look forward to hearing many more. If you have a kid who you think would like to participate in our Kids Korner, feel free to contact us at:!

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