My fifth month in Real Estate

I am now in my fifth month in Real Estate, following twelve and a half years in the Corporate Retail Industry. Having had a team of eighteen to now, no team together makes my days very different.

I no longer rush out the door at 7.20am, however I do work more hours and I am involved in my business every day. I feel motivated, excited, challenged and driven to reach new heights.

I go into the office each day, being around skilled Agents assists in gaining knowledge as I listen and observe their daily activities, while being inspired. From the corporate routine it is habit to start the day by going into the office, the change is how often I am in and out. In the beginning when I would leave the office I would tell the Admin Team where I was going and when I would be back, they would laugh as the environment is
different. They see an Agent leaving; they know it is part of the job.  Visiting clients, meeting people for lunch, business transactions, showings all pull me in a direction which provides me with empowerment and flexibility. I really am in control of my own career, the harder I work the better I become and have the direct responsibility of my own success.

Before I started I built a Business and Marketing Plan, both have worked very well to a great kick-start. Between this and the goals and objectives I have give me focus everyday to push further. Working with my friends, their friends, their family all as my clients makes my career enjoyable because I am surrounded by good quality people that are an honor to help.
I have been given a few nicknames from people in the industry such as, “Game Changer”, “Difference Maker” and the “Negotiator”.

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