My Second Month in Real Estate

In my second month of Real Estate, I have felt inspired, motivated, enriched and challenged. Each day I have new objectives and over achieve every time I can. Working for myself pushes me to become the best, gaining the skill and building the successful business I aim for.

This month I helped a newly married couple buy their first home! We went to see a few homes over a 3 week span and then they found it. There is a lot to learn and a lot of emotions to go through when you buy a home. I was glad to be there to help. It inspired me to write a blog. I love that I can help people in this journey and aim to make it as easy as I can.

I have clients looking to move to bigger homes and some to smaller homes. I have clients looking for investment properties ranging from land to residential properties. I also have clients looking for their first home. The reasons people move is important to me as I like to understand their motivations and the needs. Clients that I have selling property (2o Knightswood Cresent), I am in touch with as often as possible. The emotion of selling a home is high and I do my best to get it sold. Being in touch with my clients helps me create a strong relationship and allows me to make strategic decisions for them. Being efficient and making each client my number one priority.

As a networking initiative I hosted a “Business Mixer”, that was held at a local Coffee and Espresso Bar, and allowed guests to share best practices and build relationships. My next event is planned for February.

With a consistent focus on my skill development I have attended skill training courses and participated in a two-day conference. This builds my business knowledge and puts me in the position to be a leader in the Real Estate Industry.

In the holiday spirit, I gave my clients natural beautiful wreaths and their children personalized embroidered Christmas pillow cases. I also sent over 200 cards, personally delivered 150 Calendars and 10 jams.

In 2013 I have goals. In our office there is a saying on a wall I read everyday “Goals are dreams with deadlines”.

Merry Christmas!

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