Tis’ the Season to be Jolly… and Organized

This is probably the busiest time of the year and we are hardly thinking about getting organized. Rushing from one store to another, then on our way to get the tree, the ornaments, and the holiday floral arrangements. The organizing thoughts will probably come back on December 31st when we start making our New Year’s resolutions. But, this is a giving season and just a little bit of organizing will help not only us, but those in need as well.

So, let’s get started. Put some holiday music on, grab an empty box, bag or a bin, and label it “Donation”. As you bring your Christmas decorations and ornaments out ask yourself following questions: Does this item still suit our space in terms of size, style or colour? Does this item carry a huge sentimental value to me or to someone in my family? If your answers are “No”, place the item to the “Donation” box. Continue asking those questions for every single Christmas thing that comes to your hands. Once your “Donation” box is full donate it to your favourite charity, give it to a friend or Freecycle it.

At the end of the process you simplified your life and brought joy to someone. Putting the decorations away at the end of the Christmas season will be a breeze since you are going to store only the things you truly love. Choose your storing solutions depending on how many things you are keeping. If you need more than one bin think of how you will group items together. For example: “Indoor Decorations”, “Outdoor Decorations”, “Everything for Christmas tree”, and “Wrapping supply and Christmas Cards”.

May your holidays be filled with love, joy and laughter!

Blanka Smetana
Trained Professional Organizer
Owner of Tidy Corners and Office Evolution


Thinking About Buying Your First Home?

When you start thinking about buying your first home it can be exciting and overwhelming.  I remember when my husband and I were considering our first home I thought “if others around us could do it, maybe we could.”

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will make in life and one that has a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. Goal setting and financial planning are important steps in getting the home you want.

Experts such as Mortgage Brokers, Financial Advisors, Realtors, friends and family who are home owners – all of these are a great resource for information.  You can start working with Mortgage Brokers and the bank to create a financial plan years before you purchase a home.

Another great resource is Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).  They can provide you with mortgage loan insurance, protecting you with a down payment of 5%-20%. It is important to note that your own resources, such as savings and RRSPs, even gift down payments from immediate family are also acceptable for a down payment.

For more information contact  me, your bank and refer to www.cmhc.ca.

My First Month In Real Estate

Every morning I wake up excited to start my day. I feel energized by having more family time in the morning and a fresh start to another successful day in Real Estate. Most days it does not feel like work, rather my passion becoming reality. Helping people, being my own boss, and working hard is contributing to my success. I am dedicated and loyal to every client, and I do my very best for them everyday. [Read more…]

Make Room for Santa

Christmas is almost here. Just a few weeks left to finish the shopping, wrapping, baking, and cooking.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to stress you out! Instead, I would like you to stop for a moment and join your kids in their room, a playroom, a family room, or wherever they play. The anticipation of Santa bringing the presents is high now and that will make it easier for your children to part with some of their toys. [Read more…]

Crown Moulding Adds Elegance

With a minimal investment of money and time, crown moulding will not only add elegance and flair to a room but can offer the potential for financial reward in the resale market. Crown moulding presents an immediate visual impact and will distinguish your property from others. [Read more…]

Why I joined the Royal LePage team

I am excited to announce that I have embarked on my new career as a Sales Representative with Royal LePage, in Georgetown, Ontario.

As I embark into my new exciting career in Real Estate I feel inspired, motivated, challenged and exhilarated. My passion is people, and Real Estate allows me to help people every day and do what I can do make them happy. Between my business skills and drive to succeed, there is no better career than this for me. [Read more…]

When is it Time to Move?

In my own experience, my husband and I have been motivated to sell based on the neighbourhood’s selling rate, limited competition, and life changes creating the need to move.

People decide to sell their home for many reasons, but there are some common reasons they decide to put their home on the market. Here are the top 5: [Read more…]

Ready to Sell?

When you are thinking of placing your home on the market to sell, there are a few key things to consider.

You want top dollar and you want your house to sell fast. Deal?  Deal!

Remember the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?  Well some people do, especially when they walk up to your house. You want them to have the desire to see more. [Read more…]

Good money spent on a Home Inspector

When you buy a home it could be the most money you ever spend at one time. Its worth it, you have a place to call home. The investment that is being made should make you feel safe and secure. There is no easy way to see if everything in the home you are buying is in sound condition. [Read more…]