Ready, Set, Store … Your Winter Clothes

Winter is certainly not giving up this year, but the calendar says it IS over; so fingers crossed, the pleasantly warm weather will come soon. And when it does, it’ll be time to pack away the winter clothes.
⦁    Put all the mittens, sweaters, hats, snow pants and other winter clothes in the wash (clothes that is not cleaned before storing, is more likely to attract insect).
⦁    Inspect the clothes for damages and repair everything that needs to be repaired.
⦁    Decide what can be donated and place it into the donation box.
⦁    Make a list of the things that will need to be purchased for the next winter season. Place the list to a storage bin together with your clothes.
Don’t delay the steps 3 and 4 until winter arrives again. It is much easier to remember now which pieces of clothes you haven’t worn the whole winter, which of them are too small or too damaged and will need to be replaced.
After you wash and machine-dry your clothes, let them air dry for a day or two before storing them in a bin to avoid any trapped moisture.
Use plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. Cardboard absorbs water causing mildew, mold and the unpleasant musty smell in your clothes.
Sort and store your winter clothes by family members, or have one bin for the kids and one for the adults.
Make sure to label ALL the bins.
Happy Spring!
Blanka Smetana
Trained Professional Organizer
Owner of Office Evolution and Tidy Corners



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