Crown Moulding Adds Elegance

With a minimal investment of money and time, crown moulding will not only add elegance and flair to a room but can offer the potential for financial reward in the resale market. Crown moulding presents an immediate visual impact and will distinguish your property from others. [Read more…]

When is it Time to Move?

In my own experience, my husband and I have been motivated to sell based on the neighbourhood’s selling rate, limited competition, and life changes creating the need to move.

People decide to sell their home for many reasons, but there are some common reasons they decide to put their home on the market. Here are the top 5: [Read more…]

Ready to Sell?

When you are thinking of placing your home on the market to sell, there are a few key things to consider.

You want top dollar and you want your house to sell fast. Deal?  Deal!

Remember the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?  Well some people do, especially when they walk up to your house. You want them to have the desire to see more. [Read more…]

Good money spent on a Home Inspector

When you buy a home it could be the most money you ever spend at one time. Its worth it, you have a place to call home. The investment that is being made should make you feel safe and secure. There is no easy way to see if everything in the home you are buying is in sound condition. [Read more…]

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